Refund Policy

We are gratified that you have GetSkilld to upgrade your business communication skills to make you competent. And so, we take great care to provide all necessary information regarding our products and services upfront on the website pages, emails, and counselling calls for all new members. Also, we do our best to be flexible to all your needs and assist you in every possible way. But, at the same time, we expect that you are motivated and committed to the program you have enrolled in. This will encourage us to deliver the best for you and keep miscommunications at bay. Therefore, in case of dissatisfaction, we hope you will raise your issue/s immediately and allow us to resolve them.

Just in case you want to cancel any of our services, you will have to put forth an appeal and request a refund mentioning the reason for such action. We will undertake a thorough investigation into the reasons and necessary steps will be taken in accordance with the finds. Under normal circumstances, once paid, the fees are non-refundable. But if it fits either of the following cases, as they are occasional occurrences in all e-commerce situations, the amount is refunded within 7 working days of the notification of error:

  1. Payment gateway errors.
  2. Getting charged twice for the same course.

Please note that refunds involve administrative charges and charges for expenses done until that point, which will be deducted before the issue.